Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blog holiday is over! Get your party pants on!

It has been one hot, crazy summer! We have seen some fantastic shows, eaten transcendent food, met peculiar folks, broken bones, sweated buckets and learned yet more about this great city of ours.

But summer ain't over yet! It looks like this weekend will be chock full of exciting events, too. It's kind of ridiculous how much there is to see and do. Check all this out!

Battle of the Bay Fixed Gear Bike Race on Saturday:

The People's Pool Party @ Czar on Saturday:

Summer Jam 6, also on Saturday:

The PBR Pub Bike Ride with our favorite people from Give & Take on Sunday:

Crazy, right? We better see you out and about this weekend!

Either way, though, we're excited to be back and ready to share some great stories about what we've been getting into over here. Keep an eye out for some great new stories we have in the works. Talk at ya later!

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