Friday, June 11, 2010

New Granada Records Featured at the Homemade Music Symposium

The Tampa Bay area is home to a burgeoning music industry, and is lucky to have several local music labels. Started in 1994, New Granada Records is one of the larger labels, and is home to bands both in Florida and in other states. Saturday evening, they will be presenting a musical showcase for four of their bands at New World Brewery (1313 E. 8th Ave., Ybor City) as part of the Homemade Music Symposium. Here’s an idea of what to expect for the evening:

Heath Dupras – vocals, guitar
Michael Waksman – guitar, vocals
Brian Bates – bass
Keith Ulrey - drums
Zillionaire is a four-piece indie rock band based in Tampa. Its members are all veterans of the local music scene, having played in previous acts such as Pohgoh, Versailles, and The Washdown. Michael and Keith currently also play in Rec Center, and Michael plays in Red Room Cinema. Basically, these guys live music, and it comes through in their performances. I’ve been lucky enough to catch them three times, and they are completely captivating. They don’t play often (Keith, along with wife Susie, runs New Granada, which keeps them busy), so this is not to be missed.

King of Spain
Matt Slate – guitar, vocals, programming
Daniel Wainright – bass
Matt started King of Spain in 2007 as a solo project, adding bassist Daniel in late 2009. Both of them are also long-time veterans of the Tampa music scene. Matt was in Pohgoh (along with Keith), and has also played in Chester and in The Maccabees. Daniel has a current solo project going called The Sea, and previously played in Idle Rude and Spacious International. When asked about their sound, Matt stated, “Our sound can be difficult to describe, at least for me. I encourage people to find out for themselves.” Some of their influences include Animal Collective, Peter Gabriel, Syd Barrett, Fela Kuti, and Gilberto Gil.

Rec Center
Susie Ulrey – vocals, guitar, Fender Rhodes
Keith Ulrey – drums, vocals
Michael Waksman – vocals, guitar
Brian Roberts - bass
The members of Rec Center have known each other for about fifteen years, and have officially been a band for the past couple of years. They all live in the Tampa or Brandon areas, and play indie rock reminiscent of Ida or Ron Sexsmith. Along with the other three bands, Rec Center enjoys playing at New World Brewery because of the comfortable atmosphere.

Candy Bars
Daniel Martinez – vocals, guitar
Melissa Grady – cello
Ryan Hastings - drums
Candy Bars started in 2004, and play what they call depressing indie pop. Daniel has played in previous bands in South Florida, and has been in Tampa for about six years. Melissa plays for anyone who needs a cello, and has worked on numerous local projects. When asked about local influences and what they like best about Tampa, Daniel stated, “Will Quinlan (at the time he was with the Pagan Saints) was probably the first local musician I saw play in the area…I felt good about this scene right away.” Candy Bars come highly recommended, and I hope to be able to see them for the first time here.

There are three other showcases, along with numerous workshops and panels, which are part of the Homemade Music Symposium. More information can be found at It’s going to be a beautiful weekend, we hope to see you all out there!

Photo Credits:
Zillionaire - Nicole Kibert
Rec Center - Nicole Kibert
Candy Bars - Marcus Laurenzi

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